Saturday, July 21, 2007

you don't deserve me.

do you know that you are the one who hurts my heart?
my heart that's only for you.
who cares for you for whoever you are.
who always do whatever you said.
and whatever you want.
following you with everything you want.
everything you want wether i like it or not.

i have to be like this. i have to be like that.
i don't like you when you give me orders like that.
but i still do it for you.
i have to wear the clothes, the shoes, the watch, the make up, hair do, bag, that you want. no soflens but glasses.
friends only the people that you like.

i hate it when you tell me things to do.
but whatever, i always do things that you want.
how stupid am i? is it normal for him to treat me like this?
FYI, i never told him to do the things
that he don't like to do.

even when i say things, he never listen to it.

what am i to you? you see me as your girlfriend or not?
you treat me like im nothing!
oh my god, i don't believe it.
i don't believe that i've done all that for you.
i was hurt.
my heart is broken. and i blame my self for this.
i was down and i cried so much.
but now look at me!!

my life goes on.
and breaking up with you it's not the end of the world.
why? cause the truth is you don't deserve me.
and don't say sorry.
but be sorry.


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